C. Wonder coming to the Midwest via Easton Town Center

March 22nd, 2013

Columbus Underground
By: Melanie McIntyre

Preppy womenswear brand C. Wonder will open its first store in the Midwest at Easton Town Center in June.

The 3,000-square-foot store will carry women’s clothing, footwear, jewelry and accessories, housewares and home décor, and personal electronics.

“Easton Town Center is an amazing mall that attracts a very savvy shopper that also shares C. Wonder’s lifestyle approach,” said Amy Shecter, president of C. Wonder.

“We are very excited to be at Easton and a part of their expansion,” she added, referring to Fenlon Square, the family-friendly shopping district also slated to open in June.

Chic. Charismatic. Charming. Curious. Those are the four words that Shecter said best describe the C. Wonder customer.

Canny, a “c” word for frugal, might be another accurate descriptor, as the average C. Wonder product is less than $50.

However, for a little extra money, customers can customize tote bags, oxford shirts, denim, and throw blankets with a monogram. (The turnaround time for monogrammed items is seven to 10 days.)

“All C. Wonder stores are comprised of several rooms, each endowed with an individual personality and a story,” Shecter said, and the one at Easton will be no exception.

Themes for the rooms include English garden, bazaar, and psychedelic.

In addition, wrapping stations are interspersed throughout, and all employees have mobile point of sale systems, allowing customers to make purchases just about anywhere inside C. Wonder stores.

Christopher Burch, founder and CEO of Burch Creative Capital and ex-husband of fashion designer Tory Burch, is the man behind C. Wonder, which opened its first store in New York City in October 2011.

To learn more about C. Wonder, visit CWonder.com.

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