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5Qs for Adam Flatto on Easton Town Center’s Progress During the Pandemic

September 2nd, 2020

By Al Urbanski

Nearly 30 years ago, when Limited Brands founder Les Wexner decided the huge parcel of land he owned off of Interstate 270 in Columbus would make a better retail destination than a distribution center, his plans for a combination of shops, restaurants, hotels, and apartments made some eyes roll. Today, Easton Town Center, co-developed by The Georgetown Companies and Steiner + Associates, serves as one of the world’s largest and most successful examples of mixed-use real estate. Wondering how Easton’s fared during COVID-19, we talked to its developer, Adam Flatto, CEO of The Georgetown Companies.

How’s Easton operating at this stage of the crisis? What’s open and doing well and what’s not? Are you going to lose many tenants that have entered Chapter 11?
We’ve been extremely well received by customers. We’ve been drawing up to 75 percent of last year’s traffic and that’s without the theaters being open….Read the full article at

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