Yaromir Steiner & Jennifer Peterson Featured on CBUS Retail’s “The Covid Chronicles”

February 19th, 2021

By Steiner & Associates

Columbus has a strong retail community, but this past year has put the industry in a tailspin. To help the recovery along, CBUS Retail produced a special webisode series titled The Covid Chronicles, which features industry experts and brand leaders sharing knowledge on the current state of the industry, how their organizations have adapted to the times, and their business plans for a post-pandemic world.

Steiner + Associates leaders were featured in two out of nine episodes of The Covid Chronicles.

Jennifer Peterson
2020 felt like a crazy roller coaster for specialty retail, with the main focus of centers being the safety of guests, tenants, merchant partners and team members. In the fifth episode of The Covid Chronicles, Easton Town Center Chief Executive Jennifer Peterson highlights the retail operations function. She discusses the extreme challenges of closing, and then safely reopening and operating stores, and her thoughts on the future role of stores after the pandemic.

Watch Jen Peterson’s episode of The Covid Chronicles.

Yaromir Steiner
Malls are a thing of the past. Instead, Steiner + Associates CEO Yaromir Steiner is calling them organized retail environments. In episode eight of The Covid Chronicles, Steiner makes the case that these new environments will feature individual brands in boutique-sized spaces grouped by a category or theme—with the center providing some combination of unified staffing, marketing, inventory visibility and omni-channel access. Innovation and reinvention is the core theme of this thought-provoking discussion.

Watch Yaromir Steiner’s episode of The Covid Chronicles.

2021 will certainly deliver its fair share of challenges, but the team at Steiner + Associates is laser-focused on the opportunities that will arise in the wake of a pandemic that forced an already-innovative organization to push the boundaries even further.

The evolution of retail is just getting started, and we’re continuing to lead the push.

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