Alley with a heater in the middle and an art mural on one wall

The Importance of Art in Easton’s Expansion

June 2nd, 2021

By Yaromir Steiner

Experience has long been a priority for shopping centers as a way to surprise, delight and engage guests. As one of the country’s top retail center experiences, Easton puts prominent focus on events, activations, and art to create an elevated and creative sense of place for people of all ages.

As Easton expanded into its newest district, we wanted to take our experience-based concepts to the next level, zeroing in on art—and, in particular, local art—as the primary means of creating an edgy, urban atmosphere.

A Blank Canvas

 Envisioning a dense urban environment with more high-rise-centric dining, retail, offices and apartments, the Easton Expansion is made whole through its stunning outdoor spaces. Whether strolling through vibrant alleyways, relaxing at an interactive lounge space, or enjoying a meal on Instagram-ready patios that capture the energy of their surroundings, every inch of the district feels more like a metropolitan neighborhood than a suburban shopping center.

To make this happen, we provided a blank canvas—the walls of our buildings—for local artists to express themselves by offering them the opportunity to create a deep connection and interaction with our community.

More than a dozen captivating murals and outdoor installations welcome guests throughout the open spaces of our Easton Expansion, complementing and enhancing the eclectic architecture and intricate façades.

Take a look at just a few of the experiential art and outdoor installations within Easton’s Expansion:

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