How Restaurants, Retail and Mixed-Use Environments Are Capitalizing on a Surging F&B Market

January 4th, 2024

Modern Restaurant Management 

By Spencer Jordan

At a time when F&B is a thriving and Americans are spending more than ever dining out, centers need to be vigilant about combating stagnation. Developers should be working closely with their F&B partners to think creatively about ways to reinvest in and refresh their spaces and increase connectivity.

For nearly 25 years, Easton Town Center in Columbus, Ohio has worked to establish itself as a premier mixed-use environment with one of the largest and most influential food & beverage programs in the Midwest. As a longstanding lifestyle development, every year brings new opportunities to evolve its F&B offerings. New local, national, and international operators and first-to-market concepts have come to Easton to test new ideas and establish a regional foothold. And, most notably, long-term operators have chosen to reinvest in their spaces and add new restaurant concepts. While the scale of Easton may be difficult to replicate, a heavy emphasis on F&B and integrated dining concepts makes it an ideal prism through which to view how restaurants are approaching lease renewals in retail and lifestyle centers.

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